since 1905


since 1905



 2000年のシルモドールは、増永眼鏡が手がける<Kazuo Kawasaki>ブランドが、サングラス部門での金賞。その後、2013~15年にかけ、3年連続の受賞という快挙を遂げる。経営だけでなく、ブランディングやデザインも手掛ける同社のキーマン、増永泰典氏は当時をこう振り返る。



MASUNAGA brought the eyewear industry to Fukui, and they are well-known for their achievements in the domestic eyeglasses industry. Also highly respected abroad as a leading producer of NIPPON eyewear, they were the first Japanese manufacturer to be awarded at SILMO d'Or. In 2000, they were awarded the SILMO d'Or gold medal in the sunglasses category for the brand handled by Masunaga Eyeglasses. Following that they went on to accomplish the great feat of winning three consecutive years from 2013 to 2015. "Key man" Mr Yasunori Masunaga, who also handles branding and design in addition to management, looks back at that time.


「2013年に審査員特別賞を受賞した<MASUNAGA G.M.S. limited>のモデルは、シルモドール受賞に照準を合わせてデザインしたもの。その数年前から、アジアだけでなく、欧米市場も強く意識し、私自身もデザインにタッチするようになってきた時期でもありました。ゴールドとチタンの接合は当社ならではの技術。それを知ってもらうために、いかに手に取ってもらうかを考え、前枠をデザインしていったという経緯なのです」
 翌2014年はサングラス部門で金賞を受賞。ファッションデザイナー、高田賢三とのコラボレーション<MASUNAGA designed by Kenzo Takada>だ。
レギュラーコレクションの<MASUNAGA G.M.S.>ではファッション的なモノを作ると、イメージとかけ離れてしまう。そういう意味で、コラボレーションは“なんでもアリ”なデザインができる。この受賞モデルも、一見シンプルですが、メタルのヨロイパーツの周りにプラスチックがかぶっている複雑な構造。賢三さんからは『サイドのボリュームがないと高級感が出ない』などのご指摘をいただき、正直、生産部門とはかなりモメたデザインでした(笑)」

Aim at SILMO d'Or!

"The model which was awarded the judges special award in 2013 was designed to focus on getting an award at SILMO d'Or. From several years before that, I had been strongly aware of not only Asia but also the European and American markets, and it was also the point at which I began to engage in design. The joining of gold and titanium is a skill unique to our company. To learn this, and working out how to get there was how we designed the front frame."
This model was a special edition that used premium materials such as bamboo and gold, and the 60 sets produced worldwide sold out immediately in spite of the high price of 600,000 Japanese yen.
In the following year 2014, they received the gold medal in the sunglasses category for a collaboration with fashion designer, Kenzo Takada, .
"You could say it was a result of this being the first collaboration with Kenzo Takada, and that we were aiming to win. If we produced something mode-ish under our regular collection, we would have deviated from their image, but in this kind of collaboration you can have a sense of "anything goes". This award-winning model is also simple at first sight but is a complicated structure where plastic is wrapped around the armour-like metal parts. Kenzo's standpoint was, "If there is no volume in the sides it doesn't feel high-class" and so on. It was a design that caused all kinds of trouble within our production department (laughs)


 シルモドールは、世界中から集まったアイウェアのなかから、ノミネートされることさえも難しい狭き門。にもかかわらず、2015年度には<MASUNAGA G.M.S.>でメガネ部門の金賞を獲得する。驚異的ともいえる3年連続の受賞だ。
マレーシアにいる私をはじめ、義理の弟はアメリカ市場を担当するなど、現在のデザインチームは海外に拠点を置いています。日本からの発信とはまた違うアイデアが強みなのかもしれませんね」 残念ながら2016年度のシルモドールでは選外の結果に終わった。だが、同じNIPPONブランドのマサヒロマルヤマがノミネートされる。「悔しいのと同時に獲ってほしいという複雑な気持ち」だったという。クリエーターと業界牽引役の老舗メーカーという両方の顔をのぞかせる。ともあれ、確かな技術に裏打ちされたNIPPONデザインは、今や世界中のアイウェア業界の注目を集めていることは間違いない。

Getting the award we wanted in 2015!

Needless to say, it's very hard to even be nominated from eyewear gathered from all over the world at SILMO d'Or, it's a very narrow gate. Nonetheless, won the gold medal in the glasses category in 2015. It was a phenomenal third consecutive award.
"I was happy the third time, because it was a regular collection and because it was a category I wanted to win, I was pretty happy even at the nomination stage simply because I didn't expect to win a third consecutive award. Although it was also a time when popularity had shifted from a cell frame to a combination type, it was still a model that was held in high esteem in Europe. The round beads on the double bar are a truly popular style in Europe, and I have a feeling that that contributed to our win. Our current design team is based abroad, including me in Malaysia, and my brother-in-law is in charge of the American market and so on. Perhaps ideas which are different from those going on in Japan might be a strength."
Unfortunately, their run ended at SILMO d'Or 2016. However, another NIPPON brand, Masahiro Maruyama was nominated. "It was a complex feeling because at the same time I wanted him to win." Here we see the two sides; the creator and the long-established manufacturer of industry drivers. However you look at it, NIPPON design backed by solid technology unfailingly attracts the attention of the eyewear industry worldwide.

  • Kazuo Kawasaki 「MP-690」2万1600円

  • 「MASUNAGA G.M.S. limited 2013」オープン価格

  • 「MASUNAGA designed by Kenzo Takada Campanule K18」オープン価格

  • 「MASUNAGA GMS-106」4万3200円

  • Kazuo Kawasaki 「MP-690」2万1600円
    2000 Sunglasses category Gold Prize winner.

  • 「MASUNAGA G.M.S. limited 2013」オープン価格
    2013 Special Jury award winner.

  • 「MASUNAGA designed by Kenzo Takada Campanule K18」オープン価格
    2014 Sunglasses category Gold Prize winner.

  • 「MASUNAGA GMS-106」4万3200円
    2015 gold medal winner in glasses category.


photo:JUN UENO
design:KOHTARO HORI(horitz)
direction: HOOK